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The last 1.5 Months were great for us as a startup, we got our first customer who is a public limited company and the first customer from the UK. All our major customers are still from the pharmacy space which means we are still investing into this direction.

To satisfy this needs we hired a new employee, his name is Nicolas, and he will support us in the Social Media Marketing space. In a few weeks we will probably hire 1 or 2 more marketeers.


We had our first workshop in Graz for an osteopathy institution. I really like to do workshops and share my passion with others but this business trip will take over 7 hours of driving and 6 hours of talking.

A beautiful picture of the city graz


In April, you can meet the Ganescha Labs team and get some stickers or popsockets (We only have 100 pieces left). The 4Gamechangers festival is the first festival for us, we are excited to hear some awesome talks and meet other startups. If, you are at the 4Gamechangers feel free to meet us at our booth.

The Backdrop from Ganescha Labs for the 4 Gamechangers Event


Here is a random picture from our GIPHY account or read our first Blog Entry.


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