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Welcome to our blog, we are Ganescha Labs 🐘 and I am happy that you found our blog. Our SEO partners always recommended us to create a blog due to search engine optimizing. Finally we yield to do so 🙃.

Who or What are we

We are a young startup from Salzburg, and we are developing Social Media Software. Our “GmbH” is legal since October 2018 and our office is located in the Fürbergstraße 32. Before that we had a so called “KG”, because of an investment we had to found a new company. Our core product is Ganescha a community and content management Software. Ganescha was developed for Major Companies with a strong background of security and privacy, which explains the high price. In the picture below you can see our developer team.

The developer team from Ganescha Labs

Why we are also doing Workshops

Early we recognized that some of the major companies in Austria are just starting with their Social Media Game. And because we want to sell Ganescha we started to help those companies with strategy and other Social Media concerns. At this moment I remember myself of a quote from one of my favorite movies “If you’re good at something - never do it for free! Which lead to our workshops and consulting.

Our workshop is pretty different from the general social media workshops here in Austria. We are trying to have small groups of people which are giving us their special wishes in front of, so we can adjust our workshop to it.

Oliver Jessner steht vor einem Graphen und demonstriert den Wachstum des Internets

Hipster Stuff

Not only the personal factor is important for us, we think being up to date is equal important. We all love and live Social Media so much that we even tested a Mukbang 🍕for our customers. So to say, always in touch with the current trends. We are strong believers of the staying relevant philosophy.

Custom Social Media Marketing Software

The world of internet comes with a lot of weird buzzwords, so let me explain this strange one. When we talk about Custom Social Media Marketing Software, we talk about Software which is made for Social Media marketing and customized for the customer.

Imagine the following, a company wants to combine their CRM with twitter. Doesn’t sound easy, but this is the part where you need us. We are building this kind of stuff every day.

Oliver Jessner is standing in the front of a screen explaining the growth of social media.

Thats it for today

Let’s hope that our blog is not going to be one of the outdated company blogs. If you want see current news about us checkout our Instagram and facebook, don’t forget to follow us. Thanks for reading, Oli ♥️.


Here is a random picture from our GIPHY account.


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