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We are fulfilling your Social Media Software dreams.


We give our customers the possibility to develop Ganescha with us. This means we implement all the wishes of your company. Thanks to our partnerships with all common Social Media Networks we can develop nearly every function. We also allow you the facility to add CRM or other APIs, like exotic Social Medias.

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We love to develop completely new software in the Social Media Marketing space. Our previous experience and partnerships are come in handy here. We don't have to start from zero every time because we can fallback to existing recourse and save time and money this way.

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Pricing FAQ

What is the Pricing for Custom Social Media Software?
Every piece of software is different so it depends.
How long does a custom Social Media project take?
Between three and twelve months.
Where are the limits?
There are no limits as long as they are legal.
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  • Weekly, Monthly Training
  • Every Team Size


  • Direct Support of Developers
  • Telephone, E-Mail, Facebook Messenger
  • 24/7/365


  • Internationale Hosting Locations
  • Different Hosters
  • On-Premise or In-House

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